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Paychekplus. com. Don t have internet access If you don t have internet access at home or work you can still get valuable information regarding your paycheck stub. Call 877-epaystub. Follow the prompts to enter your Date of Birth and Social Security Number. Choose the option you want to hear from the menu listed. You will be able to hear a brief summary of your paycheck stubs details. How To Access Your ePayStub Online Step 1 Go online and visit www. epaystubaccess. com Step 2 Step 3 Login...
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Username: Password: Step 4 Submit Paycheck and Tax Forms Online Paycheck and tax forms are available online. Simply look for available forms under the heading “Filing Online”. Select your source from the drop-down menu. Click on the appropriate form to open it. Click the “Submit Form” button to make the form effective immediately. Tax forms are not available in the ePayStubOnline website. Only US Government and US Postal Service forms are provided. It is the user's obligation to provide proof of address and identity to the federal government if need be. If the US government deems you unable to provide proof of identity, you will have to pay a fee to obtain the form. The form can be purchased from the following location. US Post Office Filing and Delivery Services. P.O. Box 472120 Austin, TX 78 Payroll Tips and Tricks If you have any questions or concerns regarding your payroll or taxes, don't hesitate to contact The Payroll Center. Call ext.
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So recently a young lady started a petition on, and it was regarding McDonald's policy in issuing debit carts to new hires for payment well it doesn't sound bad at the beginning it almost sounds like a good thing right nice and convenient easy way to get your money if you're an employee McDonald's the problem is however all the fees there are so many fees for these debit cards and there are no other option for employees of McDonald's, so this girl started a petition, and it almost has enough numbers to get to the point where they're going to submit it now to the CEO of McDonald's, so I signed, and it's only a couple of thousand signatures away if you work for the food service industry and this is a concern of yours feel free to sign the petition, but I didn't want to stop there you see this is a classic example of monopolies basically you see these debit cards that McDonald's uses is great for McDonald's bottom line because McDonald's is going to save a lot of money in payroll costs and cutting checks and stuff like that by just letting a third party a debit card which is owned by a bank come in and then start collecting you know employee compensation and then issuing it to them however you know there's a lot of fees that the banks that issue these debit cards are going to make money on and not giving employees a choice is just wrong because you're basically stealing from employees that are already making only minimum wage, so now they're going to be making less than minimum wage after this now this reminds me a lot when I was in college and I went to get my federal student aid issued by the school, and they only gave me one option and that was to get a debit card from some bank and to have my funds issued that way I said I don't want the debit card and I said well that's too bad because you have to get the debit card so at colleges they're issuing debit cards slash student IDs which are like Alden one debit cards that also act as a student ID, and they are also loaded with tons of hidden fees like you name it insufficient funds feet dormant inactive account fee pen fee you know all kinds of fees that eat away at people's federal student their student loans to me this is just an easy way for financial institutions to continue their monopoly and to get a foothold on new customers basically forcing thousands of Americans whether they be workers or college students to become their customers and then hit them with massive fees so really in the end the college student the worker and the American taxpayer are going to end up footing the bill I think it's wrong, and I think it's just you know this is just a symptom of the major problems that we face as a country you look at Wall Street and banks and what they did in this country in the last 12 years they got rid of the banking regulations, and then they pretty much ruined the housing market by giving loans to people they knew could never pay back their mortgages, and then they demanded a...
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